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LACUNY Annual Institute

                        LACUNY INSTITUTE

   The Library Association of the City University of New York


                     Access and Excellence:
             Copyright and the Struggle for Fair Use

                      Friday, May 16, 1997
                         9:00am - 5:00pm

                         Baruch College
                         Newman Library
                   7th Floor Conference Center
                      151 East 25th Street
                       New York, NY 10010

LACUNY invites you to this year's exciting program on copyright and
the struggle for fair use.  Listen to the experts who are deeply
engaged, at many levels, in the struggle to maintain fair use for
libraries and education institutions.

  *  Legislative action past, pending and future impacts our lives,
     libraries and profession.

  *  What are fair use guidelines?

  *  What are the CONFU proceedings?

  *  How are electronic reserves, unpublished materials, special
     collections and archives affected by fair use?

  *  What are our rights/options when we sign license agreements?

  *  Are you concerned about the transference of public domain
     information to private interests?

  *  These and many other questions on copyright and the struggle
     for fair use will be examined at this year's conference.


                  Registration:  8:15am - 9:00am
            with coffee, tea, juice, patries and bagels

               ********  Morning Session  ********
                        9:00am - 12:00pm

                         KEYNOTE SPEAKER

                          Adam Eisgrau
      Legislative Counsel, The American Library Association
            "Copyright and the Struggle for Fair Use"

                         GUEST SPEAKERS

                         Lisa Livingston
    Director of Instructional Media, The City College / CUNY
        "Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia"


                        Dr. Brian Nielsen
              Manager, Learning Technologies Group,
         Academic Technologies, Northwestern University
          "Copyright, Fair Use and Electronic Reserves"

              ********  Afternoon Session  ********
                         1:30pm - 5:00pm

                            Sara Cox
                  International Law Librarian
          The University of Connecticut School of Law
                "What are the CONFU proceedings?"


                           Jean Ashton
            Director, Rare Books & Manuscripts Division
                   Columbia University Libraries
          "Copyright & Fair Use in Special Collections"


                          Julia Gammon
                     Past President of NASIG
           Head of Acquisitions, University of Akron
       "What Are Our Rights/Options in License Agreements"


                           James Love
                The Consumer Project on Technology
           "Private and Public Domains of Information"


   Summation: Prof. Shelley Warwick, Baruch College Library / CUNY

The fair use provisions of copyright law recognize the special
needs of libraries and educational institutions to make use of
copyrighted materials. The struggle to maintain the fair use
provisions of copyright law aims to maintain that balance between
rights holders and libraries and educational institutions that
promotes excellence in our creative endeavors.


          LACUNY Members                $20.00
          Non-members                   $25.00

          Registration at the door      $30.00
          (8:15am - 9:00am)

                  Make Checks Payable to LACUNY

           Preregistration should be mailed to arrive
                  no later than Friday, May 9th

                            Mail To:

                         Richard Uttich
                          Cohen Library
                  The City College of New York
                    138th St. at Convent Ave.
                       New York, NY 10031

             For any additional information contact:

                         Richard Uttich
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