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Model Licenses


This is fascinating!  When someone on this list called a model agreement
"delusional" I kept quiet mainly because I half agreed on the odds of
getting agreement between librarians and publishers.  I realize that the
legal environment in America is different from England, but I feel any
such agreement anywhere, could serve as an example everywhere. 

Please keep us informed of progress.

Andrew Wohrley

> From:          Sally Morris <>

> You may be interested to know that a working group of publishers,
> librarians and other experts (including Charles Oppenheim) has been
> working on just such a model agreement in the UK;  the final version will
> be available soon from the Publishers Association and the Joint
> Information Services Committee of the Higher Education Funding Council. 
> There has in fact been relatively little difficulty in reaching consensus
> on the wording. 
> Sally Morris, John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Andrew Wohrley
Science & Technology Department
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