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Re: EJournal Aggregation


Regarding the query posed above -- The American Institute of Physics has a
new program for the electronic distribution of its own journals and those
from other physics publishers who wish to participate. The American
Physical Society participates in this program. For more information please
see the AIP webpage at

Maria L Lebron
Business Manager, Proceedings of the NAS
(formerly Associate Publisher, American Physical Society)


Andrew Wohrley wrote:

<My eyes skipped over the part about aggregators and publishers.  Except
>for HighWire, I am not aware of any electronic aggregator who handles the
>publications of different publishers.  I would be glad to hear about
>more.Every other case I know of, the Institute of Physics, and the American
>Chemical Society, the publisher is assuming control for it's own
>electronic edition.>>

>Andrew Wohrley
>Science & Technology Department
>Auburn University Libraries
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