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Re: EJournal Aggregation

I believe it is a given that publishers are an independent, highly
individualistic lot. Standardization in licencing will probably not happen
in our professional lifetime. That is dreaming, really. Expecting
publishers to jump onto the bandwagon with aggregators is equally
delusional. Librarians do not have the economic clout to pressure this to
happen, especially since libraries are cutting back on subscriptions. What
is left I am afraid is making separate deals with publishers, which
admittedly is a lot of work. One must recognize that the electronic world
is still in a state of flux, and the parameters impact different
publishers very differently. -Alan M. Edelson, Ph.D. 

Andrew Wohrley, Science & Technology Reference wrote:

> I have thought about the licensing problem for a while now, although
> probably not as long as some people here have spent negotiating
> licenses.  It seems to me that it would be a real boon to librarians
> if one of the professional associations came up with a model license
> in conjuction with representatives of the publishers and vendors
> agreement that would specify terms and conditions of the licenses.
> I know that it would be expecting a lot to have publishers conform
> licenses to a standard format with standard conditions, but until
> they do, the incentive for librarians to buy licensed products will
> be reduced due to the complexity of managing different licenses.
> The model license in merely one solution, and I'm sure that there are
> others out there, but coordinated action by libraries on the problem
> of licenses is called for.
> Andrew Wohrley
> Science & Technology Department
> Auburn University Libraries
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