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Re: Nexis

I will be very interested to hear your strategies in dealing with the
substantial license fee increased by Nexis.  We, in Hong Kong got hit by
this price increase at least one year ahead of you.  Last May, we received
a letter from Lexis/Lexis advising us that effective April 1, 1996, they
would no longer offer our library the flat monthly academic rate and
decide to switch us to the "International Educational Pricing".  Since the
proposed new charge was more than 100 times over the previous flat rate
charge, we were forced to suspend all the online searches on Lexis/Nexis
immediately. It's only recently that we were able to reallocate some
funding to the online search account and have been able to resume some
limited searches on Lexis/Nexis. 

Would it be possible for you to share the content of your Consortial
license discounts with us?  I wondered whether this discount will be
applicable to users outside United States? 

Josephine Tsui
Collection Development
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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