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EJournal Aggregation (RESEND)

Dear Readers, for some reason (probably the fault of your moderators!) 
Paul Gherman's message pertaining to licensing journals through
aggregators arrived in a garbled manner.  Therefore, here's a re-send of
it with apologies.  (The header is different because our software does not
look kindly on re-sends.  Unless they look different in certain ways to
the original message, they get thrown back as dups.) 

Paul Gherman wrote on March 7th:

Nigel Gilbert wrote:  

>b. It was suggested that library directors will prefer to license 
>journals through an 'aggregator' - an organisation which contracts with
>the journal providers on behalf of several or many libraries.  It was
>argued that this will also reduce the journal's administrative costs.  
> A candidate for an aggregator could be an existing database vendor who 
> markets abstracts and indexes in sociology. 

OCLC is rolling out a new service called Electronic Collections Online
(ECO). This service takes the electronic files from the publisher and
mounts them on their server at no cost to the publisher. The publishers
establishes whatever license agreement they care to with libraries.
Libraries then pay OCLC a fee to access the journal. I think they already
have agreements with publishers for several hundred journal titles. 

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