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Re: cd-rom licenses in electronic classroom

The University of Florida has been successful in negotiating with Silver
Platter to use some of its products for training purposes. Below is the
language agreed upon to amend the license agreements. Hope this helps. 

     Carolyn Henderson


Amendment to the License Agreement between the University of Florida for
and on behalf of the Board of Regents and XXX for the Product XXX

The Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida have established an
electronic classroom in which library staff provide scheduled, hands-on
training for University students, faculty, and staff.  The purpose is to
train library users to use electronic products more effectively during
their time at the university and in the future.  This amendment authorizes
the number of simultaneous users specified in the license agreement to
increase by a number not to exceed 30 without additional charge during
training sessions conducted by library staff. 

>We just got a new electronic classroom with 12 workstations and
>and want to use hands on exercises to teach how to use our databases.
>We are a small university and our network licenses are usually around
>4-8 concurrent users.  So we cannot actually use all our workstations
>if we want to comply with licensing agreements. Same if we want to use
>cd-rom which is not on network. We can only make a demonstration.
>I'd be interested in feedback from anyone who has try to make
>agreements with the cd-rom producers to be able, during the teaching,
>to increase this limit so our users can practiced.
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