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cd-rom licenses in electronic classroom -vastaus

Some views as an answer for my part and as a general point of view to be
added to the discussion. I'm with a publishing company producing
electronic databases and other publications. Pricing is based mainly upon
the number of users (not simultaneous). 

Generally and putting the cat on the table so to speak, the question is
finally, what is a lucrative price in order to get the maximum legal use
for the product, both sides and interests considered. Thinking of the
situation in the classroom situation we couldn't assume that all the
students would be subscribers (they wouldn't subscribe as many printed
versions neither etc). We decided nevertheless to hold on the pricing
system based on the number of users. The conclusion was that we count the
number of users according to the number of teaching teachers + that the
classroom is +1. The students aren't actually normal relevant users
either. And of course, if there are others, e.g. administrative personnel
in same network, they pay as usual. 

This is a very lucrative model for the classroom situation, but also it is
economically rational, logical, when still based upon the number of users,
and what is important for the publisher, a controlled way to use the

Timo Lepist
Edita Ltd Publishing Company
Helsinki, Finland
P.O.BOX 700, 00043-EDITA
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