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RE: UCC/Copyright & Licensing Relationsh

I wrote a bit about this issue in the paper titled, "Just Sign It And Send 
It Back"

Under the heading, "What Difference Will It Make?" there's a link to the 
text of the new article covering mass market software.

Under the heading, "Nobody Enforces These, Do They?" and its subheading, 
"The Role of Contracts in the World of Copyright" there is a link to a 
discussion of whether fair use rights can be bargained away at all.

In that discussion (in another document) there's a link to a discussion of
ProCD v. Zeidenberg, a recent case dealing with the enforcability of
shrinkwraps/"I accept" licenses and federal preemption. 

All of this is in pretty much plain English, even though I am a lawyer.

It's a little capsule of the issues.

Georgia Harper
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