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Re: Chemistry Journal License

At a recent WILS (Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Services) meeting, this
issue about restricting ILL on electronic materials came up.  Mary
Williamson, assistant director of WILS, told us that we should watch out
for these kinds of caveats on licenses.  She recommended that we cross
this wording off any contract or license and send it back to the vendor
before signing the contract.  If you'd like to contact Mary Williamson
about this issue her email is: 

>Subject: Re: Chemistry Journal License
>>I've just read a brief license for a major chemistry journal that we want
>>to add in online form to our Yale Library journals collection (we will
>>keep the print as well).
>>It says:  "Use of any of the copyrighted material is only for the
>>individual's personal use.  Articles and portions thereof and information
>>obtained from this service are not to be re-published inany media, print
>>or electronic, resold, or otherwise distributed to others, including
>>inter-library loan."
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