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Re: CCUMC Multimedia Guidelines

Dear Stan,

Thank you for providing the viewpoint on Fair Use, and the reasoning
behind it.  The CCUMU guidelines appear quite sober and reasonable from
this perspective. 

I think some of the terminology used by Ms. Jackson can be a source of her
opposition, particularly how she refers to educators' and students'
"creation of multimedia projects".  No reasonable person could object to
the creativity of an author, and no publisher can be infringed by one's
new creation.  The conflict arises when a multimedia project *compiles*
the creations of others.  Good educators will be teaching students how to
differentiate creation from collecting and re-packaging. 

Best regards,

Pete Goldie

PS  You may re-post this comment, or incorporate it without infringing.  <g>

At 12:28 PM 2/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Feb. 10, 1997
>In response to my earlier question of why library organizations are
>opposing the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia, Mary Jackson
>has presented a clear and concise reply I would like to take this
>oportunity to present some clarification of the guidelinesas they are
>presented by Mary, and my perspective as a member both of CCUMC and of
>the CONFU working group on multimedia guidelines.  Stan Diamond

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