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CORRECTION-Multimedia Guidelines & Library Associations

Dear Readers:

My apologies to Mary Jackson, ARL and the other higher ed. groups on whose
behalf the "Summary of Concerns" re. Educational Fair Use Guidelines for
Multimedia were posted to this list earlier today. 

The Moderator's Note should have read as corrected below (the missing
words are highlighted in CAPS for you).  Too late at night? Typing too
fast? In any case, I inadvertently flipped the intention of the "Concerns" 
document from "oppose" as was intended, to "endorse" (my error).  In
short, the message from Mary summarizes why the ARL and others are NOT
endorsing the CCUMC guidelines. 

Ann Okerson


Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 00:15:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CCUMC Multimedia Guidelines

[MOD. NOTE:  This message from the ARL explains the reasons for various
library and higher education associations ELECT NOT to endorse the CCUMC
Multimedia Guidelines, in response to a reader's question posed here

Educational Fair Use Guidelines for Multimedia:
A Summary of Concerns
February 6, 1997

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