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Re: Simultaneous User Pricing

Ann Okerson wrote:

> III.  My discomfort with the simultaneous user model is further increased
> by the fact that with many systems and products, calculating how many
> simultaneous users one needs is a total guess.  It is an art (to be kind
> to it) and not a science.  While there are some systems -- and some
> skilled individuals -- that provide good management information -- and
> people who know how to interpret it -- it does seem to me that until we
> know what our needs as producers and subscribers are, this model is as
> full of holes as a swiss cheese.  Again, this is not true for all
> electronic systems and products, but it is true (I believe) of the
> majority of them.  Mind you, likely we will get better at it over time,
> but that's in the future. 

Not to mention the fact that you can't really count simultaneous users
for a stateless-served product (like WWW-based delivery).

Katharina Klemperer
Harvard University Library
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