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a new thread/Multimedia

Forwarded message:
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 22:01:04 -0400
From: Stan Diamond <>
Subject: a new thread

I would like to begin a new but related thread. I have spent a good part of
the past year involved in the CONFU (Conference On Fair Use) working group
which has successfully completed the creation of the Fair Use Guidelines
for Educational Multimedia. The final guideline document along with several
related documents can be found on my web site at:

As you can see from reading the document, it has been endorsed by virtually
the entire proprietary community and has passed a non-legislative review by

We have received favorable response to these guidelines from a variety of
individuals and organizations involved in the creation of educational
multimedia teaching and learning materials. The Library community however
has not been happy with these guidelines nor with our success in creating
them. Both the ALA and ARL have come out strongly against guidelines
generally and these guidelines in particular.

I am not a librarian and therefore not a member of either organization, and
I do not understand why librarians would be opposed to any guidelines which
extend the scope of fair use, while at the same time simplifying the
creation process for faculty and students. Nor do I understand why these
organizations feel the need to oppose the multimedia guidelines when
multimedia teaching packages are not typically developed and created in a
library environment. We see these guidelines as providing a safe harbor for
faculty and media professional engaged in the production of such products
to support and enhance their teaching,  and feel the existance of such a
safe harbor will provide strong encouragement to faculty and administrators
to expand the use of these powerful teaching tools.

I guess I am asking this group to share their thoughts on guidelines
generally  (and these in particular) and libraries' and Libraries'
organizations' view of them.

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