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Re: Canadian subscribers???

Forwarded message:
From: "RUTH MARKS" <>
Organization:  University of Toronto Library
Date:          Thu, 23 Jan 1997 10:00:19 -500
Subject:       Re: Canadian subscribers??? 

Yes, there are David.  You are right that there are some responses
that may not be entirely appropriate in Canadian law, but they are a
good basis for discussion with your university lawyer, because we
have to iron out these same things, and have to determine how much
of it applies here since we are signing contracts that are under US
law.  While some of it may not be specifically applicable,
international contracts tend to agree with many American decisions.

Even in its infancy this is a good list ; the moderators are 
clearly working very hard to ensure that pertinent issues are raised, 
even for lurkers like me who may not be able to contribute to 
discussion dealing with American law but for whom they are 
nonetheless invaluable.

Ruth A. Marks
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