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Re: Negotiating Contracts

Ann Okerson wrote:

 > Let me pose a basic question here, one for the library community which in
 > turn might inform our friends the licensors.  When you receive a contract
 > from a content provider and see clauses in it that you would like to the
 > publisher/provider to change, how do you go about doing it?  What success
 > do you have in securing changes?  What sorts of changes do you most often
 > request?  That may be enough questions to last for some time. 
 First of all we read the contract and make the changes we feel are needed. 
 Then we send the contract to our legal department for their check. 
 Finally, it goes to Purchasing for their ok.  The changes most often
 requested are legal in nature or are counter to the university's basic
 purchasing policies.  However, from the library's standpoint we have also
 negotiated a broader interpretation of what a site license means.  For
 example, we have a primary teaching hospital that is considered by
 us to be part of our "site".  We always work to have them included in the
 contract if that is an issue.  As to success, I have found providers to be
 fairly flexible in accepting changes.  However, I am still a novice in
 these negotiations.........  :-) 
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