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Validity of Faxed Contracts

Comments from Mala Sistla (



I happen to read the document "Licensing Digital Information " on the
internet. Its great and well written, however, I was wondering if you had
addressed what constituted a valid contract agreement. Because many a times
the vendor will fax an agreement to expedite the process and it may not be
followed by an original. If so are the faxed douments accepted in court of
law and should they be treated as originals? 

I have few questions I would like addressed:

- Is there any period of time that is mentioned in the agreement between
signing of the faxed document to signing of an original during which time
the vendor /customer has the right to cancel or null and viod the agreement
if need be. 
- Also is there any law that states that faxed documents can be used in
lieu of the original?
- If faxed doument is considered as an original than one should give same
attention to it as if it were the origianl...

Thank you.



Very truly yours, 

Rodney L. Stenlake
655 Orange Street, Unit 5
New Haven, Connecticut 06511
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