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The Fall and Rise of the Subscription Model

(Title with thanks to "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perin," a 
British series worth a rental if you don't know it already)

Dear Readers, today I had the good fortune to be on an NFAIS 
panel about the "Erosion of the Subscription Model."  My last 
slide thanked all the liblicense-l contributors to the 
subscription discussion thread, as you helped me formulate my 
thoughts for the session.

My beginning and end point was that the subscription is very much 
alive and well -- however, we are applying the word to a much 
more diverse range of "seriality" than simple journal 
subscriptions.  Here's my closing slide.

As you will gather, I think the subscription is very much alive 
and well.

Ann Okerson




* Reduce the acquisitions budget
* Pay for subscription price increases
* Pay for annual memberships
* Pay for annual database fees
* Pay for annual e-book packages
* Pay for supporting *services* [improve access to content]
* Pay for experimentation with new business models [e.g., OA, SCOAP3, etc
* Pay for faculty purchases of articles?

        A subscription by any other name