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Re: Future of the "subscription model?"

Let me respond very briefly (for once!) just to say that I think 
it will be very interesting to see how the subscription models 
for the new book aggregations from MUSE, JSTOR, OUP, etc. work 
out in the face of the challenge from PDA. Probably the two will 
coexist for a while, but I'm not sure for how long, or which one 
will triumph in the end. I suppose this partly depends on how 
much these vendors allow libraries to purchase only specific 
parts of the entire aggregations. Rick Anderson, what do you 

Sandy Thatcher

At 8:21 PM -0400 10/28/11, Ann Okerson wrote:
>Anyone want to consider the rise or fall the subscription model
>outside of journals, which has been the discussion so far?
>On Tue, 25 Oct 2011, Ann Okerson wrote:
>>  Fred:  In library training, we learned that the basic
>>  definition of serials is "publications intended to be continued
>>  indefinitely." (Or at least for some time to come.)  By my
>>  lights, then, a "subscription" represents any ongoing, regular
>>  payment for such continuing publications.
>>  Does this help with definitions?  Ann