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Taylor & Francis Group widens Open Access offerings

Oxford, 28th October 2011

Taylor & Francis Group is marking Open Access week by announcing 
a range of new Open Access journals and an enhancement of their 
current Open Access programme for 2012. These initiatives will 
encompass publications from across the range of science, social 
and behavioral sciences and humanities subjects.

What's changing? Taylor & Francis' current iOpenAccess option 
will be renamed for 2012 as Taylor & Francis Open Select, and 
will continue to give authors and their sponsors the option of 
making their articles available on Open Acess to all for a 
publication fee. This initiative has been running since 2006 and 
currently encompasses 500 titles from across Taylor & Francis 
Group's extensive portfolio.

In addition, three cutting-edge titles currently available on a 
subscription basis will be converted to full Open Access for 
2012. The digital archives of these titles will also be made Open 
Access.  These titles - Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews, 
Journal of Biological Dynamics, Smart and Nano Materials - 
publish significant research in their fields and have author 
communities with a strong interest in publishing research in an 
Open Access model.

And what's new?
Taylor & Francis will also be launching Taylor & Francis Open. 
This initiative will cover all our fully Open Access titles.  One 
important part of this initiative is a new series of fully Open 
Access titles from 2012 in major subject areas. These titles will 
offer rapid online publication of methodologically sound research 
which will be subject to rigorous peer review.  The journals will 
have affordable article publication fees, with discounts or fee 
waivers for emergent countries. The initiative will also involve 
collaboration with leading journals within T&F's existing 
portfolio, along with support from learned societies and 
internationally acclaimed editors, ensuring the quality of these 

Commenting on this initiative, Professor Nick Quirke, Editor of 
the journals Molecular Simulation and Journal of Experimental 
Nanoscience, stated, "The new open access suite of journals being 
offered in Taylor & Francis Open will allow universal access to 
high quality academic literature, opening it up to all of the 
scientific community to benefit from the research."

Details of these titles, their supporting journals and their 
editors will be released in the coming weeks, so watch this space 
for more information.

In addition to these broad-spectrum titles, Taylor & Francis will 

* launch Journal of Organic Semiconductors on a full Open Access 
basis for 2012;

* launch a major new financial economics title on a full Open 
Access basis for 2012;

* announce in the next month a publishing partnership with an 
established major health and social care full Open Access title;

* continue our publishing partnership with Kotuitui: New Zealand 
Journal of Social Sciences Online, an established fully Open 
Access journal currently published under the Routledge imprint in 
cooperation with the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Dr David Green, Global Journals Publishing Director, sums up 
Taylor & Francis' new approaches to Open Access, "Taylor & 
Francis is committed to producing high-calibre journals that 
showcase quality global research. We believe that this content 
should be widely disseminated and are now exploring various Open 
Access business models to enable universal access in ways that 
are sustainable and meet the needs of the research communities we 
serve. We feel the time is right to increase the scope of our 
Open Access offerings to sit alongside the cost-effective 
subscription and licensing options we offer to libraries.  Over 
the past three years society journals have been partnering with 
Taylor & Francis Group at the rate of more than one per week, 
and, if required, we are now able to offer a potential partner a 
range of Open Access business models where there is real author 
demand and we can ensure viability and sustainability".


About Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis Group partners with researchers, scholarly 
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"Taylor & Francis: Local Partnership, Global Network"

For more information please contact:
Victoria Wright, Communications Manager, Taylor & Francis Group 
e-mail: Victoria.Wright@tandf.co.uk