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HighWire roadmap includes rollout of 900+ mobile sites by year-end

HighWire Roadmap Includes Rollout of 900+ Mobile Sites by Year 


October 27, 2011 -- Palo Alto, CA
With the latest release of its robust mobile platform, HighWire 
Press will increase its delivery of mobile-optimized sites from 
600 to 900+ by the end of 2011, expanding the opportunities for 
the community of HighWire affiliated publishers to extend their 
content and readership in exciting new directions through 
smartphones and tablets.

The HighWire Open Platform architecture provides the flexibility 
needed to deliver mobile sites, mobile apps, mini-sites, and 
other feature-rich options for HighWire-hosted publication sites. 
Current capabilities in the latest HighWire Mobile release 
include BlackBerry support, inter-article navigation, mobile 
advertising, article/issue search, multi-journal interface, and 
voucher service integration supporting institutional tethering.

"Our Publisher community is clearly focused on innovation and 
execution," said Tom Rump, Managing Director at HighWire. "We are 
on-target with a quarterly release plan that will deliver dynamic 
capabilities above and beyond our extensive mobile program as 
part of our Product Development Roadmap."

At the recent HighWire Publishers' Meeting, held in Washington, 
D.C., not only did HighWire unveil its powerful new mobile 
features, it showcased a series of exciting new products, 
services and strategic partnership agreements, including a 
partnership with TEMIS, the leading provider of semantic content 
enrichment solutions. HighWire also unveiled its comprehensive 
quarterly Product Development Roadmap. The Roadmap, categorized 
into five themes -- Monetization, Integration, Analytics, User 
Engagement & Discovery, and Content Enhancements -- will allow 
HighWire-affiliated publishers to tactically plan for technology 
updates and direction.

The plan was received with accolades by the audience: "An 
impressive line?up of innovative new features and services were 
rolled out in their first public development roadmap. HighWire is 
clearly dedicated to making the most of their newly refreshed 
platform with an aggressive focus on openness, strategic 
partnerships across the industry and leveraging the latest 
technologies that will bring us all a step closer to realizing 
the dream of the semantic web," wrote Lettie Conrad, Online 
Product Manager at SAGE Publications.

With its latest mobile platform release, enhanced mini-sites 
product offering (as demonstrated by the recent ASCO Cancer 
Portals launch) allowing publishers to repackage content from a 
variety of disparate sources, and this week's strategic TEMIS 
partnership announcement, HighWire is extending its cutting-edge 
vision, delivering innovation to the evolving scholarly 
publishing marketplace.


Bonnie Zavon
Public Relations
HighWire | Stanford University