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HighWire Partners with TEMIS to Semantically Enrich Content

HighWire Press Partners with TEMIS to Semantically Enrich 
Publishers' Content

This strategic agreement between two leaders enables HighWire to 
offer superb discoverability and productization to its customers 
in the highest quality semantically-enabled open publishing 


Stanford, CA, USA and London, UK -- October 25, 2011
HighWire Press, the industry leader in the provision of high 
quality hosting and web publishing platforms to scholarly 
publishers around the world, and TEMIS, leading provider of 
Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, 
announced today they entered into a strategic technology and 
business partnership. Under the agreement, HighWire will 
integrate the full suite of Luxid(TM) software within its 
ePublishing Platform to provide automated content annotation, 
enrichment and linking to its customers. "The best platform for 
scholarly publishing just got better," said HighWire's Managing 
Director, Tom Rump.

End users have become much more sophisticated in their online 
information requirements and are demanding easier and more 
efficient ways of locating the most relevant information. 
Furthermore, publishers need to strengthen and differentiate 
their value proposition in order to increase customer 
satisfaction and retention. They are looking for ways to increase 
the value derived from their content by creating innovative 
online products targeted at specific professional audiences. 
Semantic content enrichment has become the strategic means to 
achieve these objectives.

"Stanford's HighWire leads the industry in discoverability, 
leveraging its long relationship with Google," said HighWire's 
Founding Director, John Sack. "This new partnership allows us to 
increase discoverability inside the platform with richer metadata 
and outside the platform by connecting to the semantic web. The 
broad discipline coverage and the complete suite of customization 
tools offered by Luxid give HighWire's publishers the opportunity 
to access the full scope of the industry?s most advanced semantic 
toolset. Also, while Luxid can effectively tag content using 
taxonomies, it also performs advanced semantic analysis to 
identify the new discoveries happening on the cutting edge of 
research, those that our publishers value the most."

Managing Director, Tom Rump continued, "Luxid marries well with 
our new tools for rapid product presentation and content 
aggregation. They'll enable publishers using HighWire's open 
platform to quickly develop new products and deliver them to 
market, whether on the web or mobile. It allows us to advance the 
intellectual and commercial interests of scholarly publishers, by 
having content reach its full potential and its full audience."

"HighWire's open and scalable platform is perfectly poised to 
fully leverage our semantic content enrichment solution," said 
TEMIS' CEO, Eric Br?gand. "The market-leading Luxid Content 
Enrichment Platform provides significantly deeper insights into 
content than taxonomy-only solutions can. By combining it with 
HighWire's ePublishing solution, we are extending to the larger 
STM publishing community the full power of semantics and the 
highest standards of user experience."


Bonnie Zavon
Public Relations
HighWire | Stanford University