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Re: How to make your book Open Access in 2 steps

My understanding is that the "minimum sales" clause currently 
used by some (?most) author/publisher agreements (below which the 
rights revert to the authors) is being applied to the digital 
environment - I remember reading something about this from the UK 
publishers association a year or so ago. Pippa

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On 15 October 2011 02:15, Sandy Thatcher
<sandy.thatcher@alumni.princeton.edu> wrote:

> Except that books, once digitized, never go "out of print." 
> Some publishers have already digitized much or all of their 
> backlists, and thus the window for getting rights reverted may 
> be closing for authors--unless they want to argue with their 
> publishers about the meaning of "out of print" in their 
> contracts.
> There is, of course, the technical option embedded in the 
> Copyright Act of 1976 for authors to have the original transfer 
> of copyright terminated after 35 years. Not enough people are 
> aware of this option.
> Sandy Thatcher