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Berkeley Electronic Press Journals at De Gruyter - Longterm Development

Dear Ann,

Thank you for bringing up this point and for allowing me to 

De Gruyter remains extremely cognizant of the short term and long 
term expectations when subscribing to a BE Press journal.  In the 
short term, the pricing for the 67 BE Press journals acquired for 
2012 will be the same as the pricing of the journals in 2011.

De Gruyter's long-term outlook for BE Press journals is equal to 
the expectations that we have for our other titles.  You can 
expect growth in authorship, an increase in the number of 
published articles, an increase in impact factor, as well as 
improved functionalities for all of our titles due to our online 
platform, all while maintaining sustainable pricing for our 

We hope that our reputation for fair conditions will ease any 
concerns about the affordability of BE Press journals in the long 

Best regards,

Sven Fund
CEO, De Gruyter