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Call for Nominations: ALCTS Continuing Resources Section


ALCTS Continuing Resources Section Call for Nominations for 2012

The CRS Nominations Committee is seeking qualified and interested 
candidates for the positions of Chair-elect, Secretary, and 
Member-at-large of the Continuing Resources Section of ALCTS. 
Each position is for three years, and attendance at the ALA 
midwinter and annual conferences is required. Terms begin after 
Annual 2012.

-The Chair-elect/Chair serves first as Chair-elect and primarily 
makes committee appointments; then serves as Chair; and then Past 

-The Secretary records the minutes of the Executive Committee 
meeting, attends the all-committees meeting, and sometimes 
performs web-related duties or postings in Connect.

-The Member-at-large serves on the Executive Committee and is a 
liaison to several committees within the section.

Members of the nominating committee are:

    - Connie Foster, chair (connie.foster@wku.edu)
    - Eleanor Cook (cooke@ecu.edu)
    - Betty Landesman (landesb@mail.nih.gov)
    - Ann Fath (afath@getty.edu)
    - Valerie Bross (vbross@library.ucla.edu)

Please feel free to submit your own name or that of a colleague 
who might be interested in either the Section or the Division 
Level opportunities. Any of us will gladly accept nominations 
now. If you self-nominate, please ensure that you are an 
ALCTS/CRS member. For more information on eligibility, terms of 
office, and responsibilities, please see:


Please respond no later than October 3, 2011.

Thank you.

Connie Foster
Sept. 26, 2011