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Re: Hathi/Google/Duke

I have just added this comment to the Chronicle's story:

>Interestingly, as a historical footnote, Penn State Press when I 
>was director approached Michigan about just the kind of exchange 
>that Duke has now entered into with the HathiTrust back in late 
>2005. Michigan was happy to agree to the arrangement we 
>proposed, but Google nixed the deal, refusing to allow Michigan 
>to give us a copy of the digital file of each Press book that 
>had been included in the library program. It is good to see that 
>Google has become more accommodating of late

Sandy Thatcher

>Great news.
>This is essentially what OAPEN has been doing in Europe for the
>last three years.
>Jean-Claude Guedon
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>De: owner-liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu de la part de James J. O'Donnell
>Date: lun. 12/09/2011 19:36
>Objet : Hathi/Google/Duke
>The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Duke University
>Press has struck an arrangement with HathiTrust and Google to
>digitize a large number of its backlist files and to make them
>freely available.  They speak of as many as a thousand titles for
>possible inclusion, to be made available under Creative Commons
>for free noncommercial use. "There's not much of a market for...
>books about Carter-administration housing policy, or Irish
>elections in the early 1980s."  Print-on-demand will be available
>as well.  Google provides the scanning, Hathi the housing, and
>Duke secures the authors' permissions.
>The full article is behind the paywall at
>Jim O'Donnell
>Georgetown U.