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STM - PA - BL agree on doc. del. framework for licenses

September 2011, Abingdon

As part of our Corporate Responsibility programme, Taylor & 
Francis Group is pleased to announce a new partnership between 
Routledge and the National Literacy Trust. As one of the UK's 
leading independent literacy charities, The National Literacy 
Trust transforms lives through literacy by supporting those who 
struggle with literacy and the people who work with them. Their 
ongoing commitment to improving children's literacy reflects 
Routledge's dedication to the enrichment of learning in the UK 
and around the world.

Routledge will be sponsoring three of their key publications in 
Autumn 2011, including their free full-colour A4 resource 
School's Guide to Literacy which is being mailed to 25,000 
schools across the UK at the end of September. Packed with the 
latest research on literacy, as well as practical ideas for how 
teachers can assess and improve literacy in their school, it 
complements perfectly many of the key professional titles on our 
Fulton/Routledge literacy list, which will of course, be promoted 
to these 25,000 schools alongside the guide.

In 2012 and beyond, we hope to build upon our relationship with 
the National Literacy Trust, work more closely on specific 
publications as a result of our corporate sponsorship and explore 
ways in which we can support one another with the common aim of 
raising literacy standards in school and at home.

Find out more:


International Literacy Day takes place on 8th September, raising 
awareness of and concern for literacy issues across the world. 
In celebration of this important event, Routledge are delighted 
to introduce the International Literacy Day collection. Find out 
more about the latest research in the field of Literacy and 
Language Learning, with FREE access to selected articles 
throughout September.  Click here to start browsing: 


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