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UK's Unbound Lets A-listers, Aspirants Pitch for Cash to Publish

At last year's Charleston Conference I gave a talk titled "Back 
to the Future" in which I promoted the idea of crowdsource 
financing as one way toward moving scholarly book publishing 
toward an open-access model. The paper I later published in 
Against the Grain (Feb. 2011) is available here: 

I'm delighted to see that this idea is beginning to be put into 
practice, albeit not specifically in scholarly publishing.

Sandy Thatcher

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>Feature Story / Crowdsourcing:
>Live Nude Authors: UK's Unbound Lets A-listers, Aspirants Pitch 
>for Cash to Publish 
>Can crowdsourced funding for books transform publishing as we 
>know it? John Mitchinson, co-founder of UK company Unbound, 
>thinks so.
>Unbound Live is an event is hosted by Unbound, the crowd-funded 
>publishing house launched earlier this year in the UK, that 
>allows the public to pledge money for projects they would like 
>to see published. If enough money is raised, the books will be 
>published and those who pledge even a small amount will see 
>their names appear in the first editions.