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BioOne Announces 2012 Collections

*Apologies for cross posting*

BioOne Announces 2012 Collections

August 30, 2011 - Washington, DC

BioOne (www.bioone.org) is pleased to welcome five titles and 
their respective nonprofit publishers to the 2012 BioOne 
Collections. In addition to new titles from China (Chinese 
Academy of Sciences), Finland (Finnish Zoological and Botanical 
Publishing Board), and South Africa (Natal Museum), we are 
delighted to welcome back the Society for the Study of 
Reproduction and their prestigious journal, Biology of 

The Society for the Study of Reproduction was one of BioOne's 
inaugural participants in 2001, ceasing current participation in 
2006. With their re-entry into the collection, 2012 BioOne 
subscribers will receive access to all Biology of Reproduction 
content from 2000 through the present.

In 2012 BioOne will be home to 171 total publications, 120 of 
which (70%) are ISI-ranked. Furthermore, 60 of BioOne's titles 
(35%) have their current content available online exclusively 
through the BioOne platform, and 35 titles (21%) are based 
outside of the US. In addition to its two subscribed collections, 
BioOne is proud to offer twelve open access publications, freely 
available to all users.

We are delighted to add these five publications to BioOne in 
2012, enhancing the aggregation's value and reputation as a 
cost-effective, critical resource encompassing the biological, 
ecological, and environmental sciences. To learn more about 
BioOne, we invite you to read our newly published history, Ten 
Years of Sustainable Publishing, available for download at 
www.bioone.org/page/tenyearhistory. For subscription or trial 
information, please contact your local BioOne agent or visit 

New Title Information
The following titles will make their debut in BioOne (in BioOne.1 
and BioOne Complete) on January 3, 2012. Title lists in various 
formats are available for download on the BioOne website at 

** African Invertebrates, published by the Natal Museum, South 
** Annales Botanici Fennici, published by the Finnish Zoological 
and Botanical Publishing Board
** Annales Zoologici Fennici, published by the Finnish Zoological 
and Botanical Publishing Board
** Biology of Reproduction, published by the Society for the 
Study of Reproduction
** Journal of Resources and Ecology, published by the 
Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, 
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Content Departures

Effective January 2012, the following titles will cease adding 
new content to BioOne. In accordance with both BioOne standard 
policy and Project Transfer guidelines, all issues previously 
hosted on BioOne from departing titles will remain accessible to 
subscribers in perpetuity.

** Ambio, published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 
(from BioOne.1; to Springer)
** The Canadian Entomologist, published by the Entomological 
Society of Canada (from BioOne.2; to Cambridge University Press)
** Journal of Wildlife Management and Wildlife Monographs, 
published by The Wildlife Society (from BioOne.1; to Wiley)

Publication Name Change

Effective January 2012, Journal of the North American 
Benthological Society, published by the North American 
Benthological Society, will be published under the new title of 
Freshwater Science. The Society has also undergone a name change, 
to the Society for Freshwater Science. More information is 
available at www.freshwater-science.org.


About BioOne
Established in 1999, BioOne is the product of innovative 
collaboration between scientific societies, libraries, academe, 
and the private sector, who seek a sustainable, mission-driven 
alternative to commercial publishing. BioOne brings to the Web a 
uniquely valuable aggregation of the full-texts of high-impact 
bioscience research journals. Most of BioOne's titles are 
published by small societies and independent publishers. BioOne 
provides integrated, cost-effective access to a thoroughly linked 
information resource of interrelated journals focused on the 
biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

Lauren Kane
Director of Publisher Relations