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Re: Librarians who pay for nothing (Re: Economics of Green OA)


if the end users would benefit, than the effect is not so bad, 
right ;-)) ?

I think librarians should be more self-confident when standing 
conflicts about acquisition decisions and should be more 
self-confident regarding the influence they can have with budget 
decisions.  If enough libraries  stop supporting publications in 
hybrid journals, than this model will vanish, if enough libraries 
don't buy e-books with stupid licensing models, than this models 
(or publishers) will vanish ...

If we don't want to be at the mercy of publishers in the OA world 
(if there will be publishers in the OA world is another 
discussion), than we have to make clear, what kind of  models and 
prices we accept, and which not. I think the rules of the DFG go 
in the right direction (only support of real OA, no support for 
hybrid models, quality control, price limit for journal 

Otherwise I agree, that transparency will not be better and costs 
will probably not be any less to the old subsciption based 

Dirk Pieper

Am Freitag, 26. August 2011 03:11:15 schrieb Sandy Thatcher:

> Of course, with the gold OA model, you are entirely at the mercy
> of publishers, who will charge what they need to make their
> preferred profit margin and will not be any more transparent than
> they are now about their actual costs. End users will benefit,
> but will the costs to the system be any less?
> Sandy Thatcher