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IET Signs Agreement with INASP

Stevenage, UK (August 22, 2011) - The Institution of Engineering 
and Technology (IET), one of the world's leading professional 
societies for the engineering and technology community, signed an 
agreement with INASP (International Network for the Availability 
of Scientific Publications) in July 2011. The agreement is to 
provide certain developing and emerging countries within Africa, 
Asia and Latin America, access to IET Research and Letters 
Journals. The result is that users in selected regions are able 
to gain access to IET resources and other scientific information 
free of charge or at a significantly reduced cost.

"As a global association, we are continually looking for 
opportunities to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information 
and promote the positive role of science, engineering and 
technology in the world," says Daniel Smith, Head of Academic 
Publishing at the IET. "The agreement with INASP is a great 
example of those efforts."

INASP works in depth with 23 partner countries and to a lesser 
extent with over 80 other countries around the world to support 
global research communication through innovation, networking and 
capacity strengthening and focusing on the needs of developing 
and emerging countries. INASP's current focus is the 'Programme 
for the Enhancement of Research Information' (PERii). The IET 
journal content will be offered through PERii starting in 2012.

"Our partnerships are essential to the growth of our organization 
and provide developing and emerging nations with the relevant 
scientific information to help them grow through the expansion of 
local research," says Anne Powell, Programme Officer, Information 
Delivery, INASP. "We are very pleased to include the IET content 
in the PERii programme and we trust the resources provided will 
be of great benefit to the selected regions."

To view a list of the countries and journals covered by this 
agreement visit: http://www.inasp.info/iet

About the IET

The IET has a portfolio of highly cited research journals and 
letters journals in electronics, electrical engineering and 
related subjects which are available online through the IET 
Digital Library together with conference proceedings, seminar 
digests, magazines and e-Books

For more information, visit www.theiet.org/journals


INASP was established by the International Council for Science 
(ICSU) in 1992, and was registered as a UK charity in 2004. INASP 
works with partners to support global research, communication 
through innovation, networking and capacity strengthening, 
focusing on the needs of developing and emerging countries. The 
organization also advises and advocates for improved policy and 
practice in achieving sustainable and equitable development 
through effective communication, knowledge and networks.

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