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Re: Amazon boycott

That Amazon contracts to have delivered items it sells means that 
it does, in fact, use the infrastructure of any given state to 
deliver the items.  I think as another post put it, to simply 
jump to the level saying this is tantamount to a boycott of the 
internet is a little polemical.  Not collecting taxes on online 
sales is a direct benefit and subsidy to them.  The items get 
delivered - whether by a truck to a store, or by trucks to homes. 
The roads, the fuel, the emissions, the sidewalks, the 
stoplights, police, and on all use the same infrastructure, it is 
simply that Amazon enjoys an unfair tax advantage.  I don't 
particularly like the side benefit to Walmart that comes with 
this, but the playing fields (such as they are) are tilted here.

John Buschman