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BASE reaches 2000th repository

Dear all,

we are happy to announce that BASE (www.base-search.net) has 
reached another milestone with integrating the 2000th repository.

This means that we have now successfully reduced the backlog of 
already harvested repositories, which were not yet indexed in 
BASE, caused by the migration from Fast to Lucene/Solr earlier 
this year.

About BASE:

BASE is a multi-disciplinary search engine for academically 
relevant OAI-Sources which was created and developed by Bielefeld 
University Library.  BASE is one of the biggest 
OAI-Search-Engines and includes some 31 million documents 
originating from more than 2.000 repository servers.

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Kind regards
Dirk Pieper
Bielefeld UL - BASE
E-mail: dirk.pieper@uni-bielefeld.de