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ASPET's "Molecular Interventions" now available from CLOCKSS

American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 
(ASPET) announced on Monday August 15th that the journal 
"Molecular Interventions," which has been discontinued, will be 
accessible through the CLOCKSS Archive.

"Molecular Interventions" ceased publication at the end of April, 
2011. Archival content from volume 1, issue 1 (2001) to volume 
11, issue 2 (2011) was removed from the Highwire platform on 
August 15, 2011. The CLOCKSS Archives, ASPET's preservation 
partner, will provide free access to the title and take 
responsibility for its ongoing long-term preservation. 

Richard Dodenhoff, Journals Director for ASPET, commented: "Part 
of ASPET's mission is to promote pharmacological knowledge.  We 
regret that we are unable to continue publication of Molecular 
Interventions, which was a highly valued journal and in which 
ASPET invested so much, but we are glad to see it preserved and 
made freely available to all readers by CLOCKSS."

"ASPET, along with the founding members of the CLOCKSS Archive, 
agreed early on to make triggered content in CLOCKSS available to 
the world for free," explains Randy Kiefer, Executive Director of 
the CLOCKSS Archive. "That policy sets the CLOCKSS Archive apart, 
and is a result of the community-based governance by libraries 
and publishers. The CLOCKSS Archive's digital preservation 
efforts enable libraries of all sizes to serve future scholars, 
researchers, and students."