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Current Scholarship Program

Current Scholarship Program
2012 Catalog

JSTOR is pleased to announce that the 2012 title list and price 
list for the Current Scholarship Program (CSP) are now available 
online <http://bitly.com/mbPOCD>.

A total of 214 titles-42 of them new to the program-will be 
available for the 2012 subscription year. Thirty publishers 
currently participate in the Current Scholarship Program; they 
share a commitment to fair, sustainable pricing, and to 
supporting the broad dissemination of scholarship.

Journals in the Current Scholarship Program may be subscribed to 
on a single title basis; in Current Collections 
<http://bitly.com/ebjCy0> designed to help institutions leverage 
their JSTOR Archive holdings; and in a number of discounted 
publisher packages that are newly available for 2012. A 
subscription to the Complete Current Scholarship Collection 
includes all 214 journals in the program. Prices for all current 
journals are set by the publishers, and a current subscription 
includes access to all "born digital" content for the title 
(content originally published in electronic form, outside of an 
aggregation). The 2012 catalog and title list may be downloaded 
at http://about.jstor.org/csp.

The Current Scholarship Program welcomes 11 new publishers for 
2012. They join California, Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Penn 
State and Nebraska university presses and a number of other 
scholarly publishers in making current journal issues available 
alongside archival content on the JSTOR platform.

For more information, please contact participation@jstor.org.

About the Current Scholarship Program
JSTOR now provides access to the latest issues of more than 200 
high-quality journals from an esteemed group of university 
presses, scholarly associations, and other publishers.

David R. Fritsch
Assistant Director, Outreach and Participation Services
JSTOR | Portico

Voice: (609) 986-2286
Fax: (212) 358-6499

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