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Taylor & Francis Journals Now Available Under a New NESLi2 Licence

August 2011, Abingdon

Taylor & Francis Journals Now Available Under a New NESLi2 

Following positive and fruitful negotiations, Taylor & Francis 
Journals is delighted to confirm a new NESLi2 agreement with JISC 
Collections for the period of 2012 to 2014.  This new agreement 
provides libraries with access to full text journal content from 
more than 1,300 titles published between 1997 and the present via 
the Taylor & Francis Library. Customers can licence this content 
as the Social Science & Humanities Library (SSH), the Science & 
Technology Library (S&T), or as the Taylor & Francis Library 
which combines the two with a guaranteed price cap.

All customers who have an existing arrangement with Taylor & 
Francis may convert to the NESLi2 licence if they commit to its 
three year term.  In doing so they are guaranteed a 3% cap on 
year-on-year pricing for the Taylor & Francis Library. Customers 
with no current arrangement can add substantial amounts of 
journal content to their existing subscriptions by paying one 
annual access fee, the amount of which is based on their JISC 

To take advantage of this latest agreement, customers who place 
orders for online-only subscriptions and the SSH and/or S&T 
access fees may do so via JISC Collections, via an agent, or with 
Taylor & Francis direct. Print-plus-online subscriptions must be 
placed via an agent or with Taylor & Francis direct.  Renewal and 
payment must reach Taylor & Francis by 30th November 2011 (via 
JISC Collections or your agent of choice) to secure these 
improved terms, but institutions are free to order and pay after 
this date.

All journal content provided under the NESLi2 licence is hosted 
on the Taylor & Francis Online platform which offers fully 
COUNTER-compliant usage statistics.

The agreement negotiated with JISC Collections also offers 
libraries a 75% discount off the subscription price of the FRESH 
Journals Collection which currently contains approximately 150 
new journals not included in the SSH or S&T Libraries.

Taylor & Francis looks forward to its renewed partnership with 
JISC Collections. UK Journals Sales Manager, Mark Howard, 
commented, 'Taylor & Francis welcomes the endorsement from JISC 
Collections. Joining forces makes sense for us, and for our 
customers. It means that the Taylor & Francis Library will be 
distributed and delivered with complete confidence to the UK 
academic community'.


About Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis Group partners with researchers, scholarly 
societies, universities and libraries worldwide to bring 
knowledge to life. As one of the world's leading publishers of 
scholarly journals, books, ebooks and reference works our content 
spans all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and 

>From our network of offices in Oxford, Philadelphia, Melbourne, 
Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Stockholm, New Delhi and Johannesburg, 
Taylor & Francis staff provide local expertise and support to our 
editors, societies and authors and tailored, efficient customer 
service to our library colleagues.

For more information please contact Mark Howard, UK Journals 
Sales Manager:  mark.howard@tandf.co.uk