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Cancer Research Portals Launch on HighWire

From: http://highwire.stanford.edu/news/

Cancer Research Portals Launch on HighWire's ePublishing Platform

HighWire Press is proud to present a suite of themed portals for 
the  American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the world's 
leading  professional organization representing physicians who 
care for people  with cancer. The subject-specific cancer portals 
(www.asco.org/ASCOv2/Cancer+Portals) are an invaluable one-stop 
resource  for readers seeking scientific abstracts, videos, links 
and other  materials. For publishers, the portals offer a glimpse 
into the  flexibility of HighWire's Open Platform to re-purpose, 
integrate and  monetize content within and beyond their 
HighWire-hosted publications.

"We are thrilled with the results of our collaborative efforts 
with  HighWire on the Cancer Portals on ASCO.org, as they are a 
great resource  for physicians to discover the latest research 
findings in various  cancer types," said Allen S. Lichter, MD, 
CEO of the ASCO. "We couldn't  have asked for a more innovative 
partner for this project than the  forward-thinking team at 
HighWire Press."

The 11 ASCO Cancer Portals seamlessly incorporate content from 
multiple  sources: the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the Journal 
of Oncology  Practice, ASCO meeting sites, news and reference 
sources, ASCO Clinical  Practice Guidelines, as well as incoming 
links from PubMed and other  relevant HighWire-hosted colleague 
publications. Each custom portal is  focused on a targeted 
segment of oncology research, re-purposing content  and 
presenting it in a way designed to reach new audiences.

"Themed sites, such as the ASCO Cancer Portals, are a clever way 
to  frame a collection of scholarly content with related 
information,  enabling an agile response to the needs of 
readers", said John Sack,  HighWire's Founding Director. "As part 
of our Open Platform Solutions,  HighWire is actively developing 
a standardized mini-site template which  will allow publishers to 
collect and connect content into useful,  relevant, highly 
engaging, and quickly deployed sites."

The HighWire Open Platform solution set will enable publishers to 
re-purpose, integrate and monetize content within and beyond 
their  HighWire-hosted publications. The ASCO custom portal 
mini-sites  integrate up to eight different types and sources of 
information. This  comprehensive approach is being implemented 
using Drupal, one of the  world's most popular open source 
frameworks for website enhancement.

"One of the key objectives of HighWire's Open Platform is to 
offer our  publisher clients a new set of opportunities for 
visibility in the  market and increased possibilities for 
discoverability and  monetization," remarked HighWire's Managing 
Director, Tom Rump. "With  the support of Stanford University's 
re-investment, HighWire has hired a  team of Drupal developers 
who are collaborating with publishers on  HighWire's Open 
Platform Solutions."

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