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Kate Wittenberg Appointed Portico Managing Director

ITHAKA (www.ithaka.org) is pleased to announce that Kate 
Wittenberg has been appointed the new Managing Director of 
Portico (www.portico.org), effective September 1. Eileen Fenton, 
who successfully led Portico since its founding in 2002, will 
work closely with Kate over the coming weeks as Kate transitions 
fully into her new role and concludes projects for Ithaka S+R 
(www.ithaka.org/ithaka-s-r). Eileen will continue in her role as 
ITHAKA's Executive Vice President of Technology & Content 

Kate brings a deep understanding of issues at the intersection of 
digital technologies, academic libraries, and scholarly 
publishing to Portico. During her time as Project Director, 
Client and Partnership Development for Ithaka S+R, Kate's 
innovative work with libraries and publishers helped to develop 
resources, products, and services that enabled these communities 
to grow as vibrant digital organizations while remaining true to 
their core missions.

Kate spent most of her career at Columbia, where she was the 
Editor-in-Chief of Columbia University Press until 1999, and went 
on to found and direct EPIC (the Electronic Publishing Initiative 
at Columbia) for the university. EPIC was a pioneering initiative 
in digital publishing, and a model publishing partnership for 
libraries, presses, and academic IT departments.

Portico has become an integral part of the scholarly 
communications ecosystem by providing certified digital 
preservation services to more than 700 libraries around the world 
and 2,000 scholarly societies that work with more than 120 
publishers. We are confident that Kate is well positioned to 
engage with publishers, libraries, and others to build upon this 
important foundation and to ensure that Portico's work continues 
to evolve. Her dedication to our community and her keen sense of 
the changing academic landscape will prove invaluable as we work 
together to preserve scholarship.


About Portico
Portico is a not-for-profit digital preservation service for 
e-books, e-journals, and other scholarly e-content. To date, more 
than 12,000 e-journals, 100,000 e-books, and 46 d-collections 
have been committed to the Portico archive. Portico is part of 
ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic 
community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly 
record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways.