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ASM Prices for 2012 Subscription Year

2012 Subscription Prices for the American Society for 
Microbiology (www.journals.asm.org)

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) has released 2012 
subscription prices for its 9 primary research and 2 review 

The list of packages and rates can be found at:

All online subscriptions include access to the Society's first 
open-access journal, mBio (http://mbio.asm.org/), which publishes 
new articles weekly and is indexed in MEDLINE and 30+ indexing 
services.  A subscription to the all-inclusive package provides 
access to content covering the full spectrum of basic and 
clinical microbiology research.

ASM journals, which are edited by working scientists, have 
delivered excellence and value for over 90 years.  The following 
data are reported in the 2010 Journal Citation Reports:

*ASM journals publish over 23% of all Microbiology articles, 
while accounting for over 36% of all Microbiology citations

*ASM publishes 4 journals in the Top 20 of Microbiology ranked by 
Impact Factor

*ASM journals publish the 4 highest cited journals in 

*ASM's Journal of Virology accounts for over one third of all 
Virology citations

*ASM journals publish the #1 journal ranked by Eigenfactor in 3 

An online institutional subscription provides users and 
librarians with immediate access to newly accepted manuscripts 
published up to 3 months before final publication.  Online 
subscriptions also offer COUNTER compliant usage statistics, 
including statistics for mBio; straightforward and fair licensing 
terms that allow unlimited concurrent usage; long-term archiving 
via LOCKSS; and email-based alerting systems.

If your institution did not subscribe to any online ASM journals 
in 2011, you are eligible for a free 3-month trial subscription 
to all 12 ASM journals. To take advantage of this offer, simply 
submit a trial request to ejournals@asmusa.org.


About ASM

The American Society for Microbiology is the oldest and largest 
single life science membership organization in the world.  The 
Society's mission is to advance microbiological sciences through 
the pursuit of scientific knowledge and dissemination of the 
results of fundamental and applied research.  ASM publishes 12 
professional journals edited by working scientists: Antimicrobial 
Agents and Chemotherapy; Applied and Environmental Microbiology; 
Clinical Microbiology Reviews; Clinical and Vaccine Immunology; 
Eukaryotic Cell; Infection and Immunity; Journal of Bacteriology; 
Journal of Clinical Microbiology; Journal of Virology; mBio(r); 
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews; and Molecular and 
Cellular Biology. With over 90 years of publishing experience, 
ASM journals continue to be an authoritative source for the 
latest in microbiology news.

Nichole Ridgeway
Marketing Manager, Journals
American Society for Microbiology
ASM Journals Institutional Subscription Office
Birmingham, AL 35202-1127
Tel: 1-800-633-4931 (USA); 1-205-995-1567 (Outside the U.S. and Canada)
Fax: 1-205-995-1588
Email: asmjournals@subscriptionoffice.com