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Re: Loyalty fee - clarification of the model used

Thanks for the interest shown in this topic. It apparently needs 
clarification. In the model currently used each consortium member 
pays for own subscriptions as content fee and access fee is at a 
higher level for members without any subscriptions and lower for 
members with subscriptions. Each year access fee is increased as 
a result of negotiations.  Depending on entrance year, the share 
of x percent increase in access fee  reflects in each member's 
share at different values.  When shares are tested based on FTE, 
usage, budget, it is seen that  the variations have become 
somehow excessive over the years. On the other hand members with 
high subscriptions expect more contribution from members without 
holdings. A new model will be developed for adjustment. That is 
why I queried this point.   Many thanks for contributions.