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Join the discussion about Electronic Information Management

Libraries Thriving
A Collaborative Space for E-Resource Innovation. Thinking and 

Dear Fellow Members of the Educational Community,

I would like to invite you to join the Libraries Thriving online 
community, a space dedicated to communicating the value of 
libraries and their ability to impact the learning moment. 
Libraries Thriving differs from other professional networks and 
online communities that you're involved in because what happens 
in our space is theory combined with practical examples. 
Comprised of librarians, faculty, publishers, library vendors, 
researchers and other educators, this collaborative community is 
for sharing ideas and working together towards the common goal of 
increasing innovative use of e-resources.

There are numerous benefits to participating in this innovative 
online community including:

*1.  **The Opportunity to Attend Free Educational Seminars*

With the Credo Reference Online Seminar Series--Summer 2011 
beginning in July, there are still seats available to attend 
three informative seminars on subjects relevant to e-resource use 
in libraries.

Interested? Learn more here: Credo Reference Online Seminar 

*2.  **The Chance to Discuss E-resource Topics with Other 
Information Professionals*

The conversation about topics such as small library issues and 
information literacy have already started: what do you have to 

  Add your experience and insight here: Editor 

*3.  **The Possibility of becoming a "Critical Colleague" through 
Participation in a Learning Community*

With the Libraries Thriving Learning Community Spring 2011 
wrapping up, there are numerous opportunities to engage in both 
conversations and actions to transform what it means to have a 
thriving library.

To learn more about these projects, click here:  Spring 2011 
Learning Community 

*4.  **The Opportunity to Let Your Voice Be Heard*

As a community primarily interested in collaboration, we are very 
open to your ideas and suggestions.  If you visit the site and 
expect to see something that isn't there yet or you have any idea 
of how we can make this community even more successful, e-mail me 
at laura.warren@credoreference.com or Jackie LaPlaca, Credo 
Evangelist, at Jackie.laplaca@credoreference.com. We'd love to 
discuss ways to implement your idea.

Visit Libraries Thriving <http://www.librariesthriving.org/> 
today and sign up for the Libraries Thriving 
to keep up with exciting community happenings!  If you're 
interested in being a part of the Fall 2011 Learning Community, 
please e-mail Jackie.laplaca@credoreference.com for more 

Let the collaboration and innovative use of e-resources begin!

Laura Warren
Credo Reference Libraries Thriving Intern
SJSU MLIS candidate, Spring 2012