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COASP 2011 Early Bird Registration ends June 1st

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to forward this reminder from Conference Chair, Paul 

Please be reminded that Early Bird registration for the 
Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP 2011), 
comes to an end on JUNE 1.

The conference will be held in Tallinn, Estonia from September 
21st to September

23rd. Further details about the conference, including the initial 
list of speakers, can be found at http://www.oaspa.org/coasp/, 
and you can register for the conference by clicking on the 
"Registration" link.

The Knowledge Exchange will be hosting a workshop on the first 
day of the conference (Sept 21) on SCHOLARLY SOCIETY JOURNALS IN 

More information on the workshop is available at: 
http://www.knowledge-exchange.info/Default.aspx?ID=431 .

Participants who have already registered for the 2011 PKP Annual 
Conference (http://pkp.sfu.ca/ocs/pkp/index.php/pkp2011/pkp2011) 
to be held in Berlin just after the COASP, will be entitled to a 
10% discount in their registration fee for COASP 2011. Similarly, 
those registered for COASP are entitled to a 10% discount in 
their registration fee for the PKP Conference.

Best regards,

Paul Peters
Conference Chair COASP 2011

Caroline Sutton, PhD
Co-Action Publishing
tel/skype: +46 (0)18 495 1126
mob: +47 90 69 05 06

Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, OASPA