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Branch campuses in the Gulf

Dear all,

Georgetown has a permanent presence in Education City, Qatar, 
that serves as an outpost for its School of Foreign Service. 
Library resources at the Main Library and in Qatar are shared.

Now a situation has arisen where a publisher insists that our 
small branch in the Gulf represents a separate campus, for which 
a separate license -and, of course, payment- is required.

Against our protests that the Main Library and Qatar are one 
'site' within the same IP range, the vendor holds that they: 
"have numerous affiliates of American universities in the Middle 
East and all of the institutions abide by this policy [of 
counting branch campuses as separate entities]."

Hence my question: Is this statement true? How do your 
institutions handle licenses for branch campuses, or offices 

All comments, including off-list, are much appreciated.


Mark Muehlhaeusler
Director, Copyright and Licensing
Georgetown University Library