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Google Drops Newspaper Digitizing Program

Of possible interest...


Google Dumps Newspaper Archive Plan
The Boston Phoenix
Friday, May 20, 2011 - 10:47 AM

Google told partners in its News Archive project that it would 
cease accepting, scanning and indexing microfilm and other 
archival material from newspapers. Instead, it was focusing its 
energies on "newer projects that help the industry, such as 
Google One Pass, a platform that enables publishers to sell 
content and subscriptions directly from their own sites."

The 5-year-old News Archive project was Google's attempt to do 
for old newspapers what Google Books has been attempting to do 
for the world's libraries. Newspapers opened their morgues to 
Google, which promised to scan, index, and host the digital files 
it made from the archives. Google said it would continue to 
support the existing archives it has already scanned and indexed.