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Wiley Open Access

This may be of interest to liblicense-l readers.


Eva Scheer
Senior Sales Manager

Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to announce the launch of Wiley Open Access, a new 
publishing program of open access journals. Supported by a 
network of high-quality journals and societies as well as 
internationally-renowned editorial board members, Wiley Open 
Access journals are launching throughout 2011. I wanted to notify 
our valued institutional colleagues that we are now taking 
submissions for contributors to our new open access journals.

Wiley offers an exceptional portfolio of 3 million+ articles from 
nearly 1,500 journals, half of which are published in partnership 
with prestigious scholarly and professional, specialized, 
regional, and international non-profit societies. Our titles 
cover the full spectrum of life, health and physical sciences, 
social sciences and the humanities, and include many titles 
ranked at the forefront of their field. Wiley is committed to 
continue to develop its products and services to meet the needs 
of the scholarly community.

In partnership with our society and journal partners, Wiley 
offers the following open access options to complement our 
subscription publishing:

OnlineOpen -- a hybrid open access option for over 500 journals

Wiley Open Access -- a program of broad scope fully open access 

The first Wiley Open Access journals will launch during 2011, 
publishing primary peer reviewed research in broad-based subject 

*Brain and Behavior
*Ecology and Evolution

Wiley Open Access journals are supported by a network of 
authoritative journals and by our partner societies as well as 
internationally-renowned editorial board members. Authors retain 
copyright and articles are published under the Creative Commons 
Attribution Non-Commercial License which permits use, 
distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the 
original work is properly cited and is not used for commercial 

Open Access Payment Options for Institutions and Funders

Wiley Open Access payment options allow organizations to pay for 
the open access publication fee in full or in part for their 
authors publishing in our hybrid and fully open access journals. 
To enable academic and research institutions to financially 
support their investigators publishing open access articles with 
Wiley, the following open access payment options are available:

Option One

Wiley open access Accounts enable institutions and funders to pay 
upfront for open access articles published by their authorized 
authors. Upon publication, the full open access publication fee 
for the journal in question, minus the account discount, will be 
deducted from the account.

Wiley Open Access Accounts are flexible and easy to manage:

*Institutions and funders can set up accounts to specific Wiley 
journals or groups of journals that offer open access.

*Customers can deposit a set amount and with this cap how much to 
spend from their annual budget.

*Customers can top-up their account with additional funds at any 
time.  Monies can be carried over from year to year until it's 
used up.

*Email alerts are sent to customer administrators when funding is 
requested from a Wiley Open Access Account allowing them to 
question submissions not believed to be from the account holder's 
institution or funder.

*Regular statements are emailed to administrators giving 
up-to-date detail of activity and balance on their Wiley Open 
Access account.

Wiley Open Access Accounts benefit institutions, funders and 
their authors:

*Wiley Open Access Accounts remove the administrative and 
financial burden from the individual authors choosing open access 
with Wiley.

*Research outcomes are published under open access in Wiley's 
high quality journals which meet the requirements of funding 
organizations and institutions where these apply.

*Institutions and funders with Wiley Open Access Accounts receive 
a discount for upfront payment of open access publication fees. 
The higher the amount paid in advance the greater the discount 

Option Two -- Wiley Open Access Partnership Fee

Institutions pay a flat rate annual fee based on the number of 
Faculty FTEs at their institution. Members of the institution are 
then given a 15% discount on the open access publication fee when 
publishing in our journals.  Authors pay the remaining balance of 
the open access publication fee from their own funds.

Partners Fee Pricing Introductory Launch Offer:
Band Price in US dollars

Small $2500
Medium $5000
Large $10000

If you have any questions or would like any further information 
on pricing and discounts please get in touch, I hope to hear from 
you soon.

Best Wishes,
Eva Scheer

Senior Sales Manager