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SMPTE to Launch Digital Library on HighWire Platform

SMPTE to Launch Digital Library on HighWire Platform

Stanford, California - 16 May 2011

HighWire Press is pleased to announce a strategic partnership 
with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers 
(SMPTE) to create a vibrant new digital library built and hosted 
upon the highly acclaimed HighWire Publishing platform. SMPTE is 
the worldwide leader in motion-imaging standards and education 
for the communications, media, and entertainment industries.

"The Society is excited about the possibilities of this new 
partnership, as HighWire seems the natural home for our technical 
and authoritative new digital library," said Barbara Lange, 
Executive Director of SMPTE. "HighWire's focus on open 
collaboration and collegial ties to the ePublishing industry, as 
well as its shared not-for-profit mission, won us over without 

The overarching theme of the project is to tie together the 
various elements of the Society?s products, including the SMPTE 
Motion Imaging Journal, SMPTE conference proceedings, and its 
full suite of Standards, Recommended Practices, and Engineering 
Guidelines. Taxonomy development and application (for semantic 
enrichment purposes) are also key parts of the Digital Library 

"SMPTE is a leader in motion-imaging technology, and HighWire is 
a leader in hosting technology and integration. Together we 
envision a 'one-stop shop' where SMPTE members will have at their 
fingertips the means to seamlessly navigate and discover 
information from content in a variety of formats," said Kristen 
Fisher Ratan, HighWire's Associate Director of Strategic 
Development. "Because HighWire offers an open platform that 
allows co-development, SMPTE will have flexibility both now and 
in the future to direct the evolution of their site, their 
products, and their offerings."

Complete Press release:

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Public Relations
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