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RE: Google Book Scanning


I'm not sure what more there is to know about this story.  It is 
basically "Big company hires low-paid hourly workers to carry out 
mundane job, and pays them minimum wage with few or no benefits. 
Contractor makes (extremely boring) video of workers walking in 
and out of building, and talks to a few of them.  Big company 
gets concerned and fears 'expose' (about 'class' and especially 
'race'); fires contractor.  What's to know?

Mark Carden

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A friend has just called my attention to a fascinating piece
about the people who do the actual scanning for the Google Books
project.  Here is the link:




There is a video of the workers leaving the building on the 
Google campus.  The entire transcript of the video appears on the 

The creator of the video and blog was a contractor working at 
Google. He expressed interest in the low-status staff (also 
contractors) who did the actual scanning.  In so doing, he 
violated a Google security protocol and was fired.

I would like to know more about this story.

Joe Esposito