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Elsevier Foundation 2010 Grants: Libraries in Developing Countries

Amsterdam, December 16, 2010 - The Elsevier Foundation has 
announced the 2010 recipients of grants under its Innovative 
Libraries in Developing Countries program, committing over 
$300,000 to support the work of libraries in developing 
countries. The 2010 grant recipients were selected from 260 
proposals worldwide for their innovation and potential for impact 
in the developing world. The Innovative Libraries program 
supports capacity-building projects in the science, technology 
and medicine library training, education, infrastructure, 
digitization and the preservation of information.

In 2010, four new grants have been awarded to institutions across 
Africa and Asia focusing on telemedicine, infrastructure-building 
and the preservation and accessibility of primary source content 
which would otherwise be lost to researchers and policymakers. 
Grant descriptions are included below.

--HIV/ AIDS Audio-visual Archive, University of Cape Town, South 
--Egyptian National Cancer Database, International Network for 
Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR), UK and Egypt
--Library Infrastructure Boost, University of Hargeisa, 
--Health Information Delivery in Rural Guatemala Using 
Telemedicine, University of Pennsylvania Library, USA and 

In addition, the Foundation continues to support the following 
multiyear grants in 2010:

--Information Needs Assessment Among Health Professionals and 
Health Sciences Libraries In Liberia, Himmelfarb Health Sciences 
Library, George Washington University Medical Center, USA and 
--'Librarians Without Borders(r)' E-Library Training Initiative 
Grant, Medical Library Association, USA
--Transformation of ICIMOD's Traditional Library into a Mountain 
Learning and Information Center, International Center for 
Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD),  Nepal
--Enhancing Access to Current Literature by Health Workers in 
Rural Uganda and Community Health Problem Solving, Makerere 
University, Uganda
--Increasing access to relevant health information for primary 
healthcare providers through Kenyan public libraries, Book Aid 
International, UK and Kenya
--Health Information Network in Cameroon, Centre International de 
Reference "Chantal Biya" (CIRCB)

"The Elsevier Foundation and our board of reviewers have the 
opportunity to review proposals from libraries and their 
supporters from all of over the world. These ten programs are 
just a few examples of the extraordinary contribution that 
libraries are making to global health and development," noted 
David Ruth, Executive Director of the Elsevier Foundation and 
Senior Vice President Global Communications, Elsevier.

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