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RMIT Publishing launches new Informit website

RMIT Publishing launches new Informit website 

RMT Publishing's newly redesigned www.informit.com website marks 
the completion of the Informit re-branding project started in 
2009. Long overdue an update, the new brighter and slicker site 
includes new content, improved navigation and updated 
functionality. The aim, quite simply, was to make it easier to 
find the products and support you need.

New pages have been added including: Company History, 
Testimonials, Our Team (under About Us), User Help (under Support 
& Promotion) and Essential information for Partners (under 
Publish & Partner). We've also added a prominent "Search 
Informit" button which connects visitors from this website to the 
Informit search interface and provides pop-up information to 
explain to users what they will and will not be able to access 
via the Informit search site.  In addition, given that Informit 
Collections index and abstract data is available to search, with 
or without a subscription, we have added a "Start searching this 
database now" link from each Collection page to encourage usage 
and again help users to get to the right page. Finally, we've 
simplified our trial and quote request forms to save you time.

Please note that this new site not only includes updated content 
from the previous Informit site, but also brings across all the 
content from the rmitpublishing.com.au website in order to make 
all product, partner and user support available from one 
convenient location. All links previously associated with the 
RMIT Publishing have been redirected to the relevant pages on 
this new Informit site.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions. All enquiries 
and comments can be directed to marketing@rmitpublishing.com.au

RMIT Publishing is a business unit of RMIT Training Pty Ltd - a 
wholly owned subsidiary of RMIT University.



Non Jenkins
Marketing Executive
RMIT Publishing