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Midwinter Forum

Please join us on Sunday, Jan. 9, from 4:00-5:30 pm in Room 25 C 
of the San Diego Convention Center for the ALCTS Collection 
Management and Development Section Forum:

Is Selection Dead? The Rise of Collection Management and the 
Twilight of Selection

Collection development is undergoing a dramatic change. With the 
rise of collection management, collection development as we've 
known it is becoming a dying art.  Title by title selection is 
rapidly being replaced by expanding approval plan coverage, 
aggregator packages, and "take it or leave it" big deals. 
Administrators are worried that traditional selection takes too 
much time and effort, and the growing trend toward patron-driven 
selection, as well as the growth of Google Books and digital 
repositories further challenge the traditional roles of selectors 
and collection development librarians.  What is the overall 
impact of these trends? How is our intellectual work and 
engagement shifting? As we work in broader strokes selecting 
packages and developing digital collections, what are the 
implications for our knowledge of our collections overall? Is the 
shift from collection development to collection management a 
process of deprofessionalization and disintermediation of the 
selector, or an exciting new model we should all embrace?

Moderator: Harriet Lightman (Northwestern University)

Panelists: Rick Anderson (University of Utah), Steve Bosch 
(University of Arizona), Nancy Gibbs (Duke University), and Reeta 
Sinha (Baker & Taylor/YBP).